Module 9

Growing Healthy Bodies

The Growing Healthy Bodies Module is focused on child and youth nutrition, physical activity, sleep, body image, eating disorders, growth (height/weight) and the impacts of unhealthy lifestyle choices.  Each section provides detailed information to help better understand the needs of young, growing bodies.  There is also a Growing Healthy Bodies Quiz (one for parents and one for youth) that provides instant feedback on how eating, sleeping and physical activity patterns can be modified to help children and youth grow stronger, healthier bodies.

Section 1

Growing Healthy Bodies Quiz

The Growing Healthy Body Health Quiz asks questions about eating, physical activity and sleep. Parents can take the Parent Quiz to gain insight on their child’s patterns and get helpful recommendations.  There is also a Teen Quiz that provides teens with helpful information about their eating habits, activity levels and sleeping patterns. The Quiz is divided into three parts: Nutrition, Physical Activity and Sleep. Plan to do them together or do one and come back later. Are you Ready? Let’s get started!

Section 2


This section provides information on the eating patterns of Canadian children and youth, including what is contributing to unhealthy as well as unhealthy eating habits. Recommendations from Canada’s Food Guide are presented as well as information on where to go for sound nutritional advice.

2.2 Food Consumption

Section 3

Physical Activity

Being physically active is an important part of healthy development. The section provides an overview of physical activity levels in Canada, types of activities children and youth are engaged in and daily activity recommendations for healthy growing bodies. Sedentary behaviours are also presented including the amount of time spent watching TV or playing video games. Recommendations on how to step away from the screen and become more active are also highlighted.

3.1 Physical Literacy

3.3 Physical Activity Guidelines and Activity Levels

3.6 Community Sport and Physical Activity

Section 5

Body Image, Eating Disorders, Height and Weight

This section examines what classifies children and youth as overweight, under weight and obese with definitions, relevant statistics, myths and misperceptions to help better understand these labels and their effects. Eating disorders, dieting and body image are also discussed with evidence-based information on how this is a growing issue for children and youth in Canada.

Section 7


This section examines the well-being of Canadian children and youth presenting results from different studies and highlighting any national and international tools to measure overall well-being.