3.3.11 Percentage of youth aged 12 to 24 years who are moderately physically active or active during leisure time, by Indigenous identity, Canada, 2007/2010

First Nations Métis Inuit Non-Indigenous
Males 74.6 77.9 71 71.2
Females 59.9 67 50.5 59.3

Source: Statistics Canada. Table 105-0512 – Health indicator profile, by Aboriginal identity, age group and sex, four year estimates, Canada, provinces and territories, occasional (rate).

Male youth aged 12 to 24 years are more likely to be physically active – either moderately active or active – during leisure time than are female youth of the same age.

That is irregardless of Indigenous identity.

75% of First Nations males aged 12 to 24 years were active or moderately active during leisure time as were 78% of Métis males, 71% of Inuit males and 71% of non-Indigenous males in the same age group.

That compared with 60% of First Nations females, 67% of Métis females, 51% of Inuit females and 59% of non-Indigenous females.