Infant death rates

In 2009, 1,911 infants died in Canada, for a death rate of 4.9/1,000. The trend in infant death rates was relatively stable at 5.3/1,000 in 1999 compared with 4.9/1,000 in 20091. In 2009, the highest infant death rates were reported in the Northwest Territories (15.5/1,000), Nunavut (14.8/1,000) and the Yukon (7.8/1,000). The lowest infant death rates were reported in Prince Edward Island (3.4/1,000), Nova Scotia (3.4/1,000) and British Columbia (3.6/100,000). In 2009, the overall infant death rate in Canada was 4.9/1,000.

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Implications: Although the Public Health Agency of Canada considers Canada’s overall infant mortality rate to be in line with other OECD countries1, some populations and certain communities experience much higher rates of infant death.

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