Suggested Citation and Contributors (Module 8)

Suggested citation:

Guhn, M, Hanvey, L, (2017). Health and Development in the Early Years. In The Health of Canada’s Children and Youth:  A CICH Profile.  Retrieved from


Writing and editing:
Martin Guhn, Assistant Professor Human Early Learning Partnership School of Population and Public Health, UBC
Louise Hanvey, Research Director, The Health of Canada’s Children and Youth:  A CICH Profile, Canadian Institute of Child Health

Project development, research, and review:

Advisory Committee:
Marni Brownell
Jean Clinton
Nancy Cohen
Regina De La Campa
Martha Friendly
Pamela Fuselli
Michelle Gagnon
Martin Guhn (Co-Chair)
Trevor Hancock
Louise Hanvey (Co-Chair)
Magdalena Janus
John LeBlanc
Tina Malti
Nazeem Muhajarine
Reg Sauve
C. Robin Walker
Maureen Williams
Robin Williams

Shelley Callaghan
Meghan Marcotte
Cassandra Sparks
Robin Walker

Graphic design:
Shelley Callaghan
Louise Hanvey

Website development:
AOR Web Solutions

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