Impact of Environmental Hazards on Human Health

Source: CICH Table created using data adapted from the National Environmental Education Foundation, Climate Change and Human Health. (n.d) -accessed July 24, 2017; with information from Committee on Environmental Health (Shannon, M.W., Best, D., Binns, H.J., Forman, J.A., Johnson, C.L., Karr, C.J., Kim, J.J., Mazur, L.J., & Roberts, J.R.). 2007.;and, Policy Statement: Global Climate Change and Children’s Health. Pediatrics, 120. DOI: 10.1542/peds.2007-2645.

The increased frequency and intensity of climate-related events and disasters can result in injury or death, and disruption and damage to communities, ecosystems, food sources and production, water supply, and infrastructure.1

This can affect thousands of people, including young children, and result in loss of safe housing, food, and water – all impacting health.

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