6.9.2 Percentage of schools on reserve that have facilities for physical activity, Canada, 2011

Fully equipped gym Fully equipped playground or outdoor playing field
Facilities for Physical Activity 46 37

Source: CICH graphic created using data from Stout, R. (2018). The built environment: Understanding how physical environments influence the health and well- being of First Nations peoples living on- reserve. Prince George, BC: National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health. Data from Chiefs Assembly on Education. A Portrait of First Nations and Education. 2011.

According to a 2011 survey of 515 First Nations schools on reserve, 46% of the schools had a fully equipped gym and only 37% had a fully equipped playground or outdoor playing field.

The ability of First Nations children and youth to participate in physical activity is impacted by a lack of infrastructure in schools. This will influence their ability to effectively meet physical activity guideline recommendations.