6.9.4 Percentage of First Nations schools on reserve that had specific supports, Canada, 2011

Fully equipped kitchen Fully equipped science lab Fully equipped library Fully equipped technology Good connectivity
School Supports 52 18 39 48 67

Source: CICH graphic created using data adapted from Chiefs Assembly on Education. A Portrait of First Nations and Education. 2011.

A 2011 survey of 515 First Nations schools on reserve in Canada found they were lacking in a number of important areas for academic development and school life.

Only 18% had a fully equipped science lab.

Less than half (39%) had a fully equipped library.

Just under half (48%) of the schools had fully equipped technology, and only 67% reported good internet connectivity.

52% of First Nations schools had a fully equipped kitchen.

Many First Nations schools lack access to basic resources that support academic development and school life. This will affect the students’ ability to be successful at learning – and ultimately to participate in their communities and society.