4.4.3 Métis Housing

Close to two-thirds (68%) of Métis live in urban areas.1 The rates of poor housing (e.g., overcrowding and homes in need of major repair) among Métis people are close to the Canadian averages, and lower than that of Inuit and First Nations people.2 Three percent of Métis people live in housing that is overcrowded, compared to 4% nationally, while 14% of Métis homes need major repair compared to 7% nationally.3

There are a number of programs that strive to help Métis find appropriate and affordable housing. For example:
• The Métis Capital Housing Corporation (MCHC) provides affordable, quality homes to Alberta’s Métis and Indigenous peoples. The MCHC is owned by the Métis Nation of Alberta, and serves residents based on a number of principles. They share the culture and values of the people they serve; they serve people fairly and with respect and the programs provide sustainable and livable homes. They serve more than 3,00 tenants.4
• Canada’s Métis Nation leaders signed a $500-million, 10-year sub-accord on housing with the federal government. This sub-accord will enable regional Métis governments to oversee the design, delivery and administration of housing services. The nation-to-nation agreement does not involve provincial governments, and the funds will go directly to Métis governments for housing projects and programs.5

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