Suggested Citation and Contributors (Module 3)

Suggested citation:

Guttmann, A., Gandhi, S., Hanvey, Li, P., Barwick, M., Cohen, E., Glazer, S., Reisman, J. & Brownell, M. (2017). Primary Health Care Services for Children and Youth in Canada: Access, Quality and Structure. In The Health of Canada’s Children and Youth: A CICH Profile. Retrieved from

Writing and editing:
Sima Gandhi, Epidemiologist, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences
Astrid Guttmann, Senior Scientist and Chief Science Officer, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences
Louise Hanvey, Research Director, The Health of Canada’s Children and Youth: A CICH Profile, Canadian Institute of Child Health
Patricia Li, Assistant Professor (Clinical), Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University

Project development, research, and review:
Investigators and Expert Advisory Committee

Melanie Barwick
Marilyn Booth
Marni Brownell
Eyal Cohen
Marie-Adele Davis
Sima Gandhi
Sara Glazer
Astrid Guttmann
Louise Hanvey
Patricia Li
Ian Manion
Michael Moffatt
Charlotte Moore Hepburn
Elaine Orrbine
Joseph Reisman
Leslie Rourke
Teresa To

Denise Alcock
Shelley Callaghan
Meghan Marcotte
Janice Sonnen
Robin Walker

Graphic design:
Meghan Marcotte
Bert Schopf

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Accel Web Marketing

This Module was funded through a Knowledge Synthesis grant from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) and through support from the Canadian Child & Youth Health Coalition. Astrid Guttmann receives salary support through a CIHR Applied Chair in Reproductive and Child Health Services and Policy Research.

The principal investigators wish to thank the Advisory Committee and all of the key informants for their time and advice.

The opinions, results, and conclusion reported in this chapter are those of the authors and are independent from the funding sources and advisory committee.