7.5.7 Percentage of youth 15 to 24 years of age who needed health care in the previous 12 months but did not receive it, by Indigenous identity, Canada, 2012

First Nations Métis Inuit
Indigenous Identity 11 8.4 11.8

Note: Excludes persons living on Indian reserves or settlements.

Source: CICH graphic created with data adapted from Statistics Canada. Table 577-0003 – Aboriginal Peoples Survey, access to and use of health care services, by Aboriginal identity, age group and sex, population aged 6 years and over, Canada, provinces and territories, occasional.

In 2012, 12% of Inuit youth aged 15 to 24 years reported that they needed health care in the last year but did not receive it.

This was the case for 11% of First Nations youth and 8% of Métis youth.

Rural and remote Indigenous communities may lack access to regular health professionals, including physicians. Sometimes physicians may fly in and out of Indigenous communities on a regular schedule, and for the remainder of the time, healthcare needs are met by community nurses. This can result in delays in obtaining a timely diagnosis and treatment for illnesses, increasing the risk of more serious health outcomes.